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Exhibit Ramp The Flora and Fauna of Nikko
Exhibit Ramp Exhibit Ramp
  • The Deciduous Broad-leaved Forest Zone
  • The Evergreen Coniferous Forest Zone
  • The Alpine Zone

Typical flora and fauna inhabiting the Nikko region, raging from Shinkyo (600m above sea level) to the top of Mt.Shirane (2,578m above sea level) are displayed according to the elevation the inhabit on the 72m spiral exhibit.

Permanent Exhibit Room1
Permanent Exhibit Room1
  • Tochigi in the Geological Age
  • Life in the Prehistoric Ages
  • Kofun Culture and "Shimotsuke-no-kuni"
  • Shimotsuke in the Middle Ages
  • Shimotsuke in the Edo Period
  • Modern Japan and Tochigi Prefecture

The earliest geological ages to the present are displayed in Exhibit Room 1 so that visitors can get a comprehensive overview of Tochigi's history over a long period of time.

Permanent Exhibit Room2
Permanent Exhibit Room2
  • Natural Exhibits
  • Wildlife in "Zouki-bayashi", a Forest near Human Dwellings
  • Wildlife by the Waterside near Human Dwellings
  • Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils
  • Fungi and Plants
  • Animals
  • Special Exhibits
  • Cultural Exhibits

Permanent exhibits of geology, flora and fauna , and special thematic exhibits are displayed in this room.